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Student discusses feelings on the second amendment
Keywords: second amendment
Downloads: 11
[audio]Second Amendment Remedies
Sharron Angle
Keywords: Sharron Angle; Second Amendment
Downloads: 14
[audio]Law of the Swamp - Mark E Hayes
In a piece from 2005, we consider the "shoot first, ask questions later" logic of Florida's new-at-the-time gun laws.
Keywords: second amendment; guns; florida
Downloads: 17
[movies]coffeehouse_131_Alan_Morrison - Mark Cohen
Constitutional law expert and advocate Alan Morrison discusses the Supreme Court's decision striking down the District of Columbia's strict handgun control law.
Keywords: Constitution; Second Amendment; DC gun law
Downloads: 108
[audio]Michael Waldman at Politics & Prose - Politics & Prose
Michael Waldman discusses his new book, The Second Amendment: A Biography, at Politics & Prose in Washington, D.C.
Keywords: Politics & Prose; Michael Waldman; The Second Amendment
Downloads: 6
[audio]Erie County Legislature Session 4 - 022113 - Intro. 4-1
Discussion of an Erie County Legislature Resolution (Intro. 4-1) demanding the repeal of the NY SAFE Act. The item passed by a vote of 7-4.
Keywords: NY SAFE Act; second amendment; Albany dysfunction
Downloads: 34
[texts]More Guns Less Crime - John R. Lott Jr
More Guns Less Crime. Second Amendment issues. keywords: gun control, second amendment, guns, crime, violence
Keywords: gun control; second amendment; guns; crime; violence
Downloads: 2,716
[audio]Occupy the Airwaves 12.23.2012 - Occupy the Airwaves WXOJ-LP
Occupy the Airwaves Covering the local, national and global Occupy Movement. 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton, MA Community Radio - Run by the Community www.valleyfreeradio.org occupytheairwaves.wordpress.com / occupy (at) valleyfreeradio.org focus: Second amendment, Newtown, violence, schools, miliatarism
Keywords: occupy; wall street; airwaves; second amendment; Newtown; violence
Downloads: 17
[movies]Trevor Stewart - V17 - THE RACIAL-NETWORK & THE SECOND AMENDMENT - Trevor Stewart
Downloads: 2
[movies]Trevor Stewart - V17 - THE RACIAL-NETWORK & THE SECOND AMENDMENT - Trevor Stewart
Downloads: 13
[audio]The Alternative Sandy Hook Breakdown - The Fundamental Sine Wave
An alternative look at Sandy Hook. What the second amendment really said about owning guns. Plus a break down of the shooting itself. If you are offended or of a closed mind then please go to CNN. This podcast is not about dishonouring the lives of those who died. The truth must come out. To ignore the truth is to dishonour those who died. All this plus some excellent electronic music.
Keywords: Sandy Hook; Tyranny; Second Amendment; Adam Lanza; Electronic Music
Downloads: 108
[movies]Repeal of 'Stand Your Ground' Moves to NH Senate - BikerBillNH
HB135, "relative to physical force in defense of a person and relative to the definition of non-deadly force," having squeaked past the NH House, moves on to the NH Senate Judiciary Committee, 4/23/2013.
Keywords: nh; new hampshire; second amendment; stand your ground; gun rights
Downloads: 22
[audio]The final podcast - Garrett P. O'Hara

Keywords: second amendment; gun control; university of arizona; virginia tech
Downloads: 1,939
[audio]Guns versus Crime. John R. Lott, Jr., Esq. - Doctors for Disaster Preparedness
Mr. Lott is Professor of Law at Yale University and author of More Guns, Less Crime. Doctors for Disaster Preparedness 2000 Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA
Keywords: john r lott jr; guns; crime; second amendment
Downloads: 65
[movies]Sikh temple massacre
Sikh temple massacre Witness accounts of multiple shooters. Further reading and article here.
Keywords: sikh; temple; massacre; witness; gun control; weapon; firearm; second amendment
Downloads: 61
[audio]r4nger5 America episode 2
More American news and views brought to you r4nger5 style! (Now with background music!)
Keywords: r4nger5; civil liberties; Second Amendment; Jesse Ventura
Downloads: 28
[movies]Trevor Stewart - V18 - AUDIO - THE RACIAL-NETWORK & THE SECOND AMENDMENT - Trevor Stewart
Downloads: 19
[audio]ILODP EP 004
LPC policy is discussed, along with tax waste in the city of Calgary and the war on drugs.
Keywords: Libertarian; Liberty or Death; firearms; guns; gun rights; firearms rights; second amendment
Downloads: 9
[audio]Gunblogger conference call with Missouri Governor Matt Blunt - Christopher Byrne
October 22d 2008 conference call with Missouri Governor Matt Blunt on the subject of gun rights, John McCain, and Barack Obama
Keywords: gun rights; second amendment; Matt Blunt; John McCain; Barack Obama; Blog; Gun
Downloads: 151
[audio]BulldogRadio02-04-11 - Bulldog Radio
On earth as it is in hell...THE BULLDOG RADIO SHOW! Tonight WE RETURN! Yes, after nearly a year's absence, your heroes of The Bulldog Radio Show make their comeback run. Hosts Junior and Bobby reconvene to cover The Walking Dead TV show, genetically engineered food, the second amendment, Seth Rogen's nihilism, the never ending quest to stop trash talking Danzig, Junior's gains, Bobby's losses and oh so much more...
Keywords: Second Amendment; Seth Rogan; Danzig; The Walking Dead; genetically engineered food
Downloads: 86
[audio]Bill of Rights Radio Education Project: The Second Amendment - Interpretations and Misinte - Pacifica Radio Archives
ARCHIVE NUMBER: PZ0047.01 Guns, Weapons: The Right to Bear Arms. Ten of thousands of people are killed every year in the United States by guns. Hundreds of thousands are wounded. Countless others are threatened by them. Are all these deaths and injuries the price we must pay to preserve our constitutional right to bear arms? Or does the Second Amendment only guarantee that right to a specifically organized militia? Produced by David Selvin...
Keywords: Second Amendment; gun control; right to bear arms; bill of rights radio education project
Downloads: 340 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Brady Denial? You CAN Get Your Guns Back! - Cindy Ellen Hill
Getting a Brady denial while trying to legally purchase a gun comes as a shock to most people. You might imagine that only hardened criminals and excons are turned down. But the unpleasant surprise of a Brady denial at the gun shop counter is only the beginning of troubles for many gun owners; troubles that in a few short days may include ATF agents seizing your guns. Far too many gun owners simply accept this denial of their rights, for reasons ranging from fear of challenging the government to...
Keywords: Firearms; Guns; Second Amendment; Constitution; ATF; BATFE; Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives
Downloads: 518
[audio]Senator Longwitz and Rep. Baker on Concealed Carry Privacy Bill HB 485 - Mississippi PEP
Senator Will Longwitz and Rep. Mark Baker join Mississippi PEP Managing Editor Keith Plunkett to talk about HB 485 and amendments made to the bill in the Mississippi State Senate that could hamper itâs enforcement. The bill would keep private the identities of Concealed Carry Permit holders in Mississippi in the face of attempts by bloggers and the press to make them public.
Keywords: Will Longwitz; Mark Baker; Senate; House of Representatives; Mississippi; Keith Plunkett; state government; second amendment; concealed carry; gun control
Downloads: 14
[movies]LibertyNewsTV-Episode45-October 2011 - Liberty News Group
In this special travelmentary, Daniel Noel visits "AmeriKa," a Tea Party theme park in Texas, designed and built by the infamous Koch Brothers. But this park is so extremist in its views, so narrow in its definition of "rights," and so expensive (thanks to deregulation), that it's not attracting many visitors. www.libertynewstv.com
Keywords: tea party; koch brothers; koch industries; theme park; political satire; libertarian; second amendment; constitution; capitalism; liberty news tv
Downloads: 118
[movies]Funny or Die Video 67cd08cba8: Home Back-Up Protection - Funny or Die
Thank god for the 2nd amendment!!
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Gun nut; Second Amendment; Thank God; The 2nd; bed; gun; rack
Downloads: 6
[movies]Blogs 4 Borders! 031008 - MJ & Jake Jacobsen
Our weekly video podcast on border security and illegal immigration related issues. In this weeks edition... Reconquista Pt 2: A look at how ethnocentric American non profits are part of Mexico's lobbying machine. And a video reminder of reconquista statements uttered over the years for the nonbelievers. And 100% Preventable! Americans continue to suffer and die due to open borders. When will the madness end?
Keywords: illegal immigration; deportation; mexico; rape; second amendment; america; open borders; vlog; podcast; insanity; invasion; icirr; non profit; racism
Downloads: 124
[audio]SHERIFF SHAYNE HEAP - Cowboy Logic Radio - July 23, 2013 - Cowboy Logic Radio
Cowboy Logic RadioUnfiltered...  Politically Incorrect...  Common Sense...Hosted by DONNA FIDUCIA and DON NEUENSheriff Shayne Heap from Elbert County Colorado joins us for a discussion on his "schooling" of President Obama in a video that has gone viral on YouTube and how the government, through over regulation, inhibits Law Enforcement from effectively doing their jobs.DONNA FIDUCIA, former Fox News Channel Anchor and DON NEUEN, a politically incorrect Constitutional Conservative Cowboy team ...
Keywords: Shayne Heap; Law Enforcement; Second Amendment; Gun Control; Guns; Obama; Cowboy Logic; Donna Fiducia; Don Neuen; Radio; Conservative
Downloads: 16
[movies]Aurora theater massacre
Aurora theater massacre Witness account and commentary of theory about what happened. Further reading and theory here.
Keywords: holmes; aurora; colorado; theater; massacre; witness; batman; dark knight; gas mask; second shooter; gun control; weapon; firearm; second amendment
Downloads: 54
[movies]Reloading on a Budget - Ammunition Remanufacturing for Everyone
A complete series on how to reload (remanufacture) ammunition, using basic tools and components, at low cost.
Keywords: ammunition; manufacture; making; reloading; low cost; economica; shortages; second amendment; freedom; self defense; militia; constitution; liberty; guns; rifle; handgun
Downloads: 358
[movies]2A Today: The 2nd Amendment (2008)
We in the USA are in critical danger of losing our God given right to self defense from individuals, and more importantly, TYRANNY from corrupt government! Please watch and know why you need this amendment to live FREE! History repeats itself.
Keywords: US; Constitution; Bill of Rights; Second Amendment; 2nd Amendment; firearms; right to bear arms; unalienable; rights; god-given
Downloads: 81
[texts]636 1361977708 - Detective Michael Takamoto, City and Country of Denver, Colorado
Arrest warrant for Franklin Sain, for harassing Colorado State Rep. Rhonda Fields.
Keywords: Franklin Sain; Rhonda Fields; Colorado; arrest warrant; affidavit; guns; threatening; harassment; Second Amendment; gun control; house; coffeecountyboy@hotmail.com
Downloads: 63
[movies]Reloading - A Complete Beginner's Guide to Handloading for Your Rifle
Reloading - A Complete Beginner's Guide to Handloading for Your Rifle
Keywords: ammunition; manufacture; making; reloading; low cost; economica; shortages; second amendment; freedom; self defense; militia; constitution; liberty; guns; rifle; handgun
Downloads: 1,500
[movies]Infowars Special Report: Super-Congress Paves 'Super Highway' to Gun Control
An Infowars Special Report covers the breaking news that the unconstitutional powers now being handed to the Super-Congress under the debt ceiling deal will be used to pursue gun control legislation, which has been too inflammatory to introduce under regular House and Senate rules. This, even as President Obama begins to restrict the 2nd Amendment via new ATF regulations placed on gun dealers throughout the Southwest United States in the name of stopping the flow of arms to drug cartels South of...
Keywords: Alex Jones; Infowars Nightly News; Infowars Special Reports; Prison Planet TV; Aaron Dykes; Super Congress; gun; control; dealers; Obama; 2nd Amendment; Second Amendment; ATF; drug cartels
Downloads: 55
[audio]Truth On The Tracks With Brandon Turbeville 5 26 2014
Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - May 26, 2014Brandon discusses Gun rights, Hilary Clinton, Syria, Ukraine, Chad, Japan, China, US Geopolitics, and the Brzezinski doctrine as well as providing quotes from The Grand Chessboard.
Keywords: Brandon Turbeville; BrandonTurbeville.com; UCY.TV; Truth on the Tracks; Second Amendment; Guns; Hillary Clinton; Syria; Ukraine; Japan; Chad; China; US Geopolitics; Geopolitics; Zbigniew Brzezinski; The Grand Chessboard
Downloads: 10
[audio]Senator Chris McDaniel discusses Mississippi’s efforts to halt enforcement of federal gun control. - Mississippi PEP
1-23-13: Senator Chris McDaniel sat down with me at the state Capitol prior to Governor Phil Bryantâs State of the State Address. We discussed legislative efforts to halt enforcement of gun control in Mississippi following President Barack Obama issuing 23 Executive Orders.
Keywords: gun control; Barack Obama; President; Governor Phil Bryant; Senator Chris McDaniel; Keith Plunkett; Second Amendment; Mississippi PEP; Mississippi; state government; federal government
Downloads: 18
[audio]New World Notes 90 - Joyce Malcolm on the Meaning of the 2nd Amendment - Kenneth Dowst
30-minute weekly radio program for November 24, 2009. An offbeat look at guns and gun-banning. I tell of my own development from a capgun-slinging 7-year-old to a liberal-academic gun-banner ... to somebody who knows a little about guns & gun laws and thinks the NRA is not TOTALLY wrong about EVERYTHING. Then historian JOYCE LEE MALCOLM discusses the meaning of the 2nd Amendment & the recent "Heller" Supreme Court decision affirming the individual right to keep & bear...
Keywords: 1950s; 1960s; 2nd Amendment; Constitution; crime; District of Columbia v. Heller; firearms; gun; gun control; handgun; Heller; Joyce Malcolm; media; Second Amendment; Supreme Court; violence
Downloads: 24
Papa, can you hear us? Did we catch you with your "WHOOPS!" panties down and pink eyeshadow on? DON'T YOU KNOW THAT BOZO IS A WOMAN?!?!? Not so fast, Ms. Sally Second Amendment Pants -- Join MAREN McCONNELL and MAE ASWELL in a little audio crotch-flashing as they integrate the complex chemical components of many odors into a single, unified hole -- er, whole -- while discussing sexy juvenile delinquent 80-year-olds; honoring the Second Amendment by wearing firearm-inspired clothing; fart-repelle...
Downloads: 22
[audio]WDFP Radio - The Denise Simon Experience - May 15, 2014 - Guest Hosts: Freefall & Freebyrd - Watchmen of America - Stand Up America US
WDFP Radio - The Denise Simon ExperienceHosted by DENISE SIMONThis week's Guest Hosts:  Freefall & Freebyrd - Watchmen of AmericaOfficial Site:  www.WDFP.usOfficial Site:  www.StandUpAmericaUS.org
Keywords: watchmen of america; woa; second amendment; constitution; freefall; freebyrd; civil defense; prepping; civil unrest; denise simon; wdfp; conservative; conservatism; stand up america; politics; obama; emp
Downloads: 2
[texts]25 Years Murder-Free in "Gun Town USA"
A true story about a little town in the USA. They saw gun control failing everywhere, so they wanted to see if the exact opposite would work...
Keywords: guns; firearms; USA; law; crime; constitution; crime; police; second amendment; rights; legislation; GCI; Kennesaw; crime; gun laws; armed; gun ban; facts
Downloads: 153
[image]Occupy the NRA - Occupy Global
The Occupy movement is an international protest movement which is primarily directed against economic and social inequality. occupywallst.org/ This images is for those of you that think "Occupy" is just a bunch of do nothing Neo-Hippie Communist Martyrs. I am Member of the NRA and I support Occupy as well as the Tea Party. We are not all lazy jobless communists.... in fact I doubt any of us are. What we are is Americans, and some of us have guns and a few of us are even highly trained to use the...
Keywords: OWS; Occupy; NRA; The National Rifle Association; National Rifle Association; Occupy Wall Street; Occupy Wall Street Army; Occupy ARMY; Second Amendment rights; Guy Fawkes; Guy; Fawkes; Guy Fawkes MaskGuy; FawkesGuy; Militia; Anonymous Militia; Anonymous; nonviolent; passive; resistance
Downloads: 6
[movies]Gun Control - BTR Pulse [ep86]
In light of the latest national tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, and recent shootings in New York City, second amendment rights and current gun laws have once again ignited intense debate and scrutiny. This week on BTR Pulse, Lauren Hawker asks people their thoughts -- including Jackie Rowe-Adams, Co-Founder of Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E. (Stop Another Violent End). /// Featured Song: “Fergus Falls” by Field Report
Keywords: news&information; second amendment; gun control; aurora; colorado; new york city; btr pulse; gun rights; breakthru radio; btrtv; harlem mothers save; jackie rowe-adams; shootings; guns; right to bear arms; lauren hawker
Downloads: 1
[movies]SWAT Teams Raid Innocent Gun Owners, "Disappearing" of Veterans by Government
As the hopes of Barack Obama for re-election dwindle, the police state he hoped to engender flexes it's muscles, hopefully for the last time. Veterans returning from the middle eastern globalist wars, who dare to criticize the regime are being "disappeared", and innocent gun owners are detained and their firearms confiscated under the most vanishing pretenses. Clearly the flagging dictatorship is probing it's limits in the shadow of the NDAA's failure...
Keywords: SWAT; SWAT teams; government; police; raid; Barack Obama; censorship; harassment; gitmo; internment; psychological evaluation; guns; gun ownership; arsenal; ammunition; the disappeared; mental intitution; veterans; returning veterans; NDAA; indefinite detention; oligarchs; NWO; political dissent; second amendment; constitution; police state
Downloads: 100
[audio]Armed American Radio for Feb.10, 2013 - Complete Broadcast - AAR
The compleat broadcast of Armed American Radio for Feb.10, 2013. A number of topics of interest to all Americans is discussed in this show: - supportsecondamendment.com - petition - union school road incident, Phoenix AZ - CCW expo - "political correctness" - GOCRA - Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance - Guns and Patiots - Trent Cooper - USCCA and much more.
Keywords: armed american; radio; broadcast; guns; support the second amendment; cross-breed holster studios; freedom; patriot; live broadcast; gander mountain; justice; firearms; second amendment; rifle; pistol; shotgun; concealed carry; constitution; militia; the right of the people; america; USA; self defense; community defense; liberty; rights; oath; oath keepers; foreign and domestic; ammunition; lifestyle; sports; hunting; american hunter; 1776; committee of protection; armed forces; sheriff; posse; neighborhood watch; states rights; nullification; protect and defend
Downloads: 22
[movies]Child Gun Safety
Two videos for teaching adults and children the rules of gun safety. The first video reviews basic safe handling rules for adults, and also covers some information on safes and locking devices to prevent unauthorized access to guns. The second video is an "Eddy Eagle" cartoon video for kids to watch. The basic message - if you find a gun anywhere, DON'T TOUCH IT - go tell an adult (parent) where you found it...
Keywords: gun safety; gun safety rules; children; learning; education; curriculum; practice; training; schools; range; shooting range; second amendment; self defense; gun safety; gun safety rules; children; learning; education; curriculum; practice; training; schools; range; shooting range; second amendment; self defense; NRA; GOA; tips; locks; home; safety at home; shooting; skills; shooting skills; owning a firearm; firearms; USA; RKBA; responsibility; infringers; infringement prevention; accident; accident prevention; liberty; ammunition; unloaded; clear; rules; muzzle control; curriculum; rights; constitutional rights; rifle; pistol; revolver; shotgun; breech; loading; truth; trigger; bolt action; semi-auto
Downloads: 541
[audio]3rd Perspective Ep 2 Gun Control - Rob Van Tuinen
The second episode of the new internet radio show: The Third Perspective. A Libertarian perspective plus discussion with an independent on the demerits of gun control. The first hour is spent discussing ex-cop and alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner as well as the seemingly trigger happy and "above the law" attitude of the LAPD. Check out insightful commentary and discussion of the news that the Mainstream Media is not providing you with...
Keywords: Libertarian; Libertarian Party; Independent; Politics; Political; Gun Control; Main stream Media; deception; deceit; cop; ex-cop; cop killer; Christopher Dorner; Free Spech; First Amendment; Second Amendment; Guns; Gun Rights; Third; Perspective; Freedom; Free Thought; discussion; 3rd; Shooter; LAPD; Trigger-happy; Trigger happy; Police; trigger; happy; Torrance; California; Los Angeles
Downloads: 30
[audio]The D Show 1/20/13 - HD, Nick CariotI
On this weeks 4 hour edition of The D Show, host HD & Co-host Nick Carioti, discussed the Symbology of the IRS headquarters building and the Denver Airport, the true "Illuminati" and the Vatican, Alternative Fuels, Population Control, UFO's at the ISS and strange phenomenon near the moon, More links between the Batman trilogy and the mass shootings being used to dissolve the rights of the American people and establish a central authority etc, Conspiracy Theories, and Fast Food and allergies...
Keywords: the d show; denver airport; masons; illuminati; dan brown; da vinci code; population control; illuminati; angels and demons; fast food; conspiracy theories; batman; dark knight; newton; colorado; IRS; twin towers; pyramid; elite societies; second amendment; gun rights. UFO; thedshow.wordpress; rdgable; wprk; DJ WIRED; Nick Carioti
Downloads: 153
[movies]Infowars Nightly News with Alex Jones - Thursday October 27 2011
On the Thursday, October 27 edition of Infowars Nightly News, Alex talks with Dan Dicks of the alternative media outfit Press for Truth about the Occupy Wall Street movement in Canada. Press for Truth has covered Occupy Toronto and the symbolic take over of the financial district. Alex covers the casino roller-coaster stock market and the fall of the dollar after the EU agreed on write-downs as it grapples with Greece and the debt crisis...
Keywords: Alex Jones; Infowars Nightly News; Infowars Special Reports; Prison Planet TV; Dan Dicks; Press for Truth; Occupy Wall Street; economic; debt; crisis; EU; Greece; Obama; Libya; war crime; SOPA; stop online piracy act; First Amendment; DHS; Napolitano; ATF; Fast and Furious; flu; vaccines; Second Amendment
Downloads: 43
[movies]Obama Wants Ban on This - Ad About Obama Record on Guns Ammo.
Here is the NRA ad Obama wanted to ban. It is itself an ad about Obama's record on anti-second amendment activities of his. Like so much of his own past and record, Obama is very eager to cover it up. More "Constitution be damned", I guesss.... http://www.archive.org/details/ObamaMissouriTruthSquads-AkaPropagandaGestapo http://www.archive.org/details/obamasJackbootedTruth-squadThugs FAIR USE NOTICE: This may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorize...
Keywords: barack obama; truth suads; guns; gun; ban; militia; disarm; disarming americans; truth squads; brownshirts; censorship; illinois; illinois senator; white house; law-abiding; truth; gestapo; nazi; tactics; election; video; fascist; fascism; barry soetoro; internet czar; internet police; opression; thought police; NWO; Corporate Control; trilateral; brzezinski; NRA; second amendment; freedom; video; ad; gestapo
Downloads: 213
[texts]An American Experiment in Anarcho-Capitalism - The NOT So Wild West
"The growth of government during this century has attracted the attention of many scholars interested in explaining that growth and in proposing ways to limit it. As a result of this attention, the public choice literature has experienced an upsurge in the interest in anarchy and its implications for social organization. ... But nearly all of this work has one common aspect; it explores the "theory of anarchy." The purpose of this paper is to take us from the theoretical world of anarchy to a ca...
Keywords: anarchy; government; thoery; practice; leviathan; runaway government; teapartymovement; fascism; congress; towns; counties; old west; wild west; capitalism; free enterprise; application; anarchists; settlement; claim; self defense; guns; firearms; hogleg; gun culture; America; United States; second amendment; peace; peaceful; concealed carry; illegal laws; law abiding; citizens; libertarian; libertarianism; NWO; globalism; alternative; authority
Downloads: 187
[audio]Do Guns Reduce Crime? - sgl
What are the causes of violent crime?  Many factors have been considered in as the cause of violent crime.  Does alcohol or drug use, poverty, lead exposure among children, child abuse, lack of love, poor judgement, violence in the media, poor parenting skills or guns affect crime?  Coming up next six people debate if guns reduce crime.For:  Stephen HalbrookRepresents the NRA in suits against the DC and Chicago handgun bansHalbrook's most recent book is The Founders' Second Amendment...
Keywords: Great Speeches And Interviews; Anti-Americanism; Peter Slen; Max Paul Friedman; Guns; Crime; Violence; Self-Protection; Crime Statistics; Second Amendment; Children; Assault Rifles; Concealed Weapons Laws; Police; John Donvan; Stephen Halbrook; Gary Kleck; John R. Lott; John J. Donohue; Paul Helmke; R. Gil Kerlikowske
Downloads: 89
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